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Thailand and Bali diving

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Views today from snorkeling in the Ang Thong Marine Park. It's incredible how dirty the water here is. You can hardly see any corals from the surface, you have to dive down to them until you can see them clearly, or see them at all! I'm curious what the light levels are that these corals grow under and if it's only possible due to the higher nutrients in the water.




Tons of gonioporas out here. Here's a little field of them

Thought this pizza anemone was interesting, especially with the shrimp.

Lots of gigantea anemones here. Interestingly only found in very specific depths. Most of them like to anchor vertically on a rock, though I did see some on top of rocks or sand.

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It is my opinion that this is the coolest anemone I have ever seen in my life. Purple foot magnifica that is split between green tentacle with blue tips and blue tentacles with blue tips. Just an unbelievable animal, I've never seen an anemone like that in my life. I can only imagine what that would go for if it was available for sale in the hobby...


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Tomorrow I'll be diving in Bali. Looking forward to seeing some great acros! Many premium maricultures come from Bali, so hopefully I'll have the privilege of seeing their mother colonies in the wild. I'll try and collect a water sample from where they're growing too and bring it back to test and see what conditions they grow in naturally.


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Bali diving so far has not met my expectations of fields upon fields of multicolored tenuis colonies and towering stags, but some beautiful corals nonetheless.


Acropora abrotanoides

Tabling acro with large green goni

Purple Heteractia crispa (sebae anemone)


Nice Chalice


Green polyp efflo

Manta ray


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The sad thing is I was expecting the jackpot of acros, but most of it was dead acro skeletons covered in leather corals and Xenia. I only took photos of what was nice, but most of it looked like this, fields of dead staghorn skeletons covered in millions of Xenia 651d906505203a2adcaa7a39fb4b73ab.jpg
Silly liberals and their global warming conspiracy... [emoji35]

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The clown fish! Super cool pics and video. I loved it when the camera went through the nem. Do that in your other videos too [emoji4]

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Last dive in Bali, never did see those fields of WD tenuis [emoji22]

Lil goby fish. So so so many small gobies on the reef, but they're so hard to capture with a camera. That's one thing this hobby severally lacks at replicating in tanks is all the micro life and small fish that exist in a reef ecosystem.

Crazy orange wilsoni (?)

Another great LPS

Not as many acros as I had expected to see here in Bali, but I did find a few that showed some great potential!





A pretty red encrusting coral


Found this crazy orange tipped magnifica anemone, I didn't even know magnificas could have orange tips! I wonder if it's tips would fluoresce under a tonics?? [emoji848] I guess I'll never know, still an amazing animal to see!

Haddoni carpet anemone with a sexy shrimp for those with keen eyes!

Green LTA

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Thanks everyone. Just landed back in the states, so no more dives or snorkeling [emoji22]. I'll sort through the rest of my photos and post some more once I get back to the lone star state. 36 hours of traveling back home sure takes it out of you, it's a miracle that corals and fish survive this trip!

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