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Frag tank overfloweth. Solution? Sell frags.

Dan H

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So I'm not sure how this was even possible, but we're at maximum capacity in the frag tanks again. If for some reason you didn't buy a boatload of frags at C4 and are still looking for SPS, we've got you covered. We need to make some room as the SAoSA swap isn't until the 11th and we still have a few things we need to frag. Help us make room.

I'm not going list off all of what we've got as it would take me too long and honestly, I'm still tired from C4. I need a nap.

Some things we've got:

Purple Stylo - $10

DaM Swamp Thang - $20

DaM Tinkerbell - $20

DaM Titanium - $20

Miyagi Tort - $60

Neon Green Pocillopora Colony - $40

JF Toxic Acculeus - $40

The vast majority of our Acros are $20 with only a few notables being more than that.





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Well, I've got the ubiquitous Screaming Green Birdsnest and a few montis hanging around. The pocillopora is also considered a reasonably easy SPS, but some people don't like them because they can reproduce asexually by ejecting polyps. So basically you end up getting baby pocilloporas popping up here and there once in a while.

We're about to do another massive fragging of the Tyree Undata, but we need some room first!

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We have some stupid large frags of birdsnest! We have 4 frags of the pocillopora, and lots of montis to choose from, of which many are not red. :)

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Well, if you want pre-SAoSA swap picks, this is your last chance. I'm working from home today (Thursday) and we'll be around Saturday, but then off they go to the SAoSA swap on the 11th.

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