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  1. https version of the site should be ok now.. you may need to clear your cache. http version still messed up, I asked them to just redirect to https (like it should have been anyways?)
  2. I found the possible issue, waiting on the hosting provider to implement. They assigned the ticket to someone, but nothing new from their end.
  3. We are working on the icon/logo/PM issue. We have a support ticket open. will update when we get more info. Pm's mysteriously just started working... but we'll be watching those still.
  4. testing brands are like religion... you use what you like. I use api for nitrates, alk, ca. simply because lower price point means more testing, and they are accurate enough if you have a good eye. i use redsea for mg, hana for phosphates. when things get squirly, i pull out the redsea alk or ca. for salinity, the hanna ones are best.. i tossed the refractometers looong ago. search a bit on here and you will find full threads on comparisons, and even some arguments. but at the end of the day... you use what you like.
  5. i'd suggest more frequent testing, check for variations/swings, specifically alk initially. always check at the same time every day. while this brand test kit isnt the best, its good enough to see swings that might be affecting you: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B001D6Z7QW "they were good" is relative. while each param has an acceptable range, swinging from one end to the other in a short time will cause issues. For example, your alk dropping from 11 to 8 overnight, while its "in range and good" on paper, its bad to have drastic swings. same applies to salinity. also keep in mind the reefing "holy trinity" alk+ca+mg. they all work together, if one is out of balance, you will be chasing the others. get things stable. $25 test kit is worth protecting your investment.
  6. what are your water params? good starting point.
  7. Isaac

    Isaac's 180+

    So i was going through my thread trying to find my post about my water filters and I think i need to provide a ton of various updates. The axis of paly's war has somewhat spread, it has combined forces with GSP.... which totally sucks. orange sponge experiment failed, its just too slow. my turf scrubber is still working too well, nitrates hover at 5 while overfeeding. phosphates i cant get under 0.22, but nothing seems to be complaining too much. skimmer-neck cleaner worked for quite a while, but seems to bind more often now. I need to figure out a bearing system for it between the cap and rod. the bristleworm trap works too well, i rarely use it until i see more than 5-10 out at first glance no fish deaths this past year *knock on wood* the maroon clown is a hog, the rest look healthy AF. the corals i have are waaaaaay overgrown in both DT and frag tank, i need to find time to take picts and post cleaner shrimp is gone (or hiding), peppermints are still in there... probably 8-10? asterina's are back in full force, Harlequin's require more consistent husbandry and are gone, ugh. i've amassed a 5gal bucket of spent DI resin. I plan on taking the DI recharge thing and supersizing it with https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B001BQKUAC (i got a steal on it) it took 16mo until my Alk started dropping from my CARX, finally changed it out. I used 100% reborn that batch. I had issues all year tweaking the CARX ph trigger value lower and lower and lower.... was all over the place. replaced with cleaned up leftover, which included neomag that was still not spent (was about 30%), 20% coarse ARM, 50% reborn. and raised initial ph trigger. im hoping this gives me a bit more stability. i have 3 spare UV bulbs by using keepa's alerts on amazon warehouse deals at avg $10 each 3-d printed overflow on frag tank is still working very well *knock on wood* i've started using z-wave water sensors everywhere in the house (sinks, washer machine.. and under all tanks) i put my spare apex on my office tank, w/ a cheaper pH probe from ebay. 1st probe fails in 2 weeks, second probe is at a year someone still has my blue laser *lol* (going through inbox) im sure i missed more, my head hurts after trying to remember this much so far
  8. Isaac

    Isaac's 180+

    Holy crap, I havnt posted about my tank in over a YEAR? where has the time gone?!?!
  9. Anyone else have one available? having to drop ice bottles in the sump hourly during the day sucks
  10. awesome, thank you. where ya at and when can i come by?
  11. my chiller is out (compressor), need to buy some time to get replacement. anyone got one laying around i can borrow/rent?
  12. not worth the effort when you can use a strap... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0037MX9VA Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  13. i think mine acted up friday night... for about 4hrs. not sure if clearing the logs helped, or this fusion issue restoring helped (it doesnt list a date, just time)
  14. i had the same problem over the weekend. make sure you have logging disabled on all your outlets. delete older log files. https://forum.neptunesystems.com/showthread.php?8325-Is-it-possible-to-clear-the-log I deleted all up to last 30 days. this is the second time it's happened in 4-5yrs... its pretty random.
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