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Hello friends, making room in the tank this weekend. Have lots of healthy and colorful corals for sale.

Frags, frag packs and colonies. Take a look! rock.gif

post-1341-0-40271800-1468722417_thumb.jp post-1341-0-96453500-1468722432_thumb.jp

Mike Paletta Blue Acro Frag Paletta Colony (not for sale)

Amazing Baby Blue color and growth pattern! $40 Still Available!

post-1341-0-13553300-1468722758_thumb.jp post-1341-0-98417600-1468722782_thumb.jp

LPS Frag Pack! Sold

Green with Purple Tips Frogspawn & Green with Green Tips Torch! $40


Purple Stylo Colony $50 Sold

Very colorful! 6" x 5"


Flower Pedal Capricornis $50 Sold

Huge! Green with Blue polyps and Blue rim

post-1341-0-40840000-1468723376_thumb.jp post-1341-0-23720400-1468723381_thumb.jp

Large Electric Blue Digitata Frags $10 Still Available!

Very colorful and fast growing


Leather Coral & Blue Digi Pack $10 Still Available!

Large Blue Digi Frag and Toadstool Leather Frag. Great for starting a reef!

Very hardy corals.

post-1341-0-00714600-1468723670_thumb.jp post-1341-0-19860600-1468723680.jpg

Birdsnest Colony Pack! Neon Green Birdsnest & Hot Pink Birdsnest $30

Great color combination! Sold


ORA Montipora Lantana Frag $20 Sold

The aquacultured ORA® Marshall Island Lantana Coral has a yellowish green colored tissue interspersed with delicate polyps ranging in coloration from purple to blue.


Green Capricornis Frag $15 Sold

Bright Green with Green Polyps 4"+


Purple Stylo Mini Colony $20 Sold

​Fantastic Purple color with 5 branches!

Available this weekend. Reserve with Paypal if you like.

Thanks for looking! crab.gif

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I think we'll take the stylo colony.

If dan doesnt want the stylo colony ill take 2nd!

Would like something big in my tank haha its pretty empty!

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Hello Lorie,

The large stylo colony is pending pick up today and the rest is open for grabs. I'm available all day today. Lots of nice corals!

Did you ever send the pictures of the leather?

Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk

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