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150gal Tall Built in Build


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Well I have been out of the hobby for 2 years due to my son being sick. He is now in remission and time to jump back in. I just purchased a house in March 2015 so didn't want to do the normal tank on a stand. So I decided to do built in shelves surround a fish tank. It is a used tank I got from my father in law. It came with a 30 gal (I think) sump not sure the brand. The built in is being built today so decided to finally start this threadpost-1394-145409575205_thumb.jpgpost-1394-145409576641_thumb.jpg

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Ok so the sand is in and tank been running for 2 weeks diatoms starting appear on the rocks. I still could use some help or ideas to set up my rodi unit. Was thinking of hooking it up the the water line coming into my water heater. But not quite sure how to go about it. I want to set it up to where it can sit idle and I can turn it on when I need it. But don't want to have to hook it up and pull it out or put it up. Any ideas

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