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Storing Tank Water

Neon Reefer

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Switching tanks out

Hong long would you think it is safe to store tank water in containers until you refill your tank

Will it stay stable for a week. Note this is not fresh made saltwater, but water out of the old tank waiting to go into the new tank.

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Got 100 gal in a large container with all the critters coral fish rock etc that is circulating and heated and is fine running just like an aquarium without a sump and only feeding fish very lightly. But I also have 50 gals in sealed 5 gal containers sitting in the garage that I am wondering about. .

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Oozarkawater had all his rock, fish, and corals in a 100 gallon plastic tub for months [almost a year?] and they were all fine. I think as long as you keep the water parameters the same as you had them in the tank and you're not using some awful plastic that would leach a ton of chemicals into the water, you'll be fine. How long do you plan on having them in there for? Just upgrading tanks?

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