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Neptune Wav


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I just saw this : http://www.neptunesystems.com/wav/

A powerhead that answers all your needs:
  • Extreme flow (~4000+ gph)
  • Compact size (less total mass compared to nearly all similar flow pumps)
  • Directional flow (pivots with 40 degree range of motion and can be rotated – great for rear wall use)
  • Safe, 24V DC operation
  • Low power consumption – <35W at the wall
  • Multiple operational modes (random flow modes, mirror, inverse, etc.)
  • Easy to clean (pump automatically shuts off when removed from water)
  • Incredibly Quiet (possibly the quietest driver on the market)
  • Magnetic mount works on up to 1″ glass (in a class by itself)
  • Easy installation with just a single skinny wire for all power and control (1LINK interface makes it a snap!)
  • Competitively priced (In USA just $199.95 for one WAV, $499.95 for the WAV Starter Kit with two WAVs and a 1LINK Module)

Seems like exciting times in the reef keeping world with this, the new kessil ap-700 and the ecotech vectras. Now where did I bury all that gold in the yard to pay for all this. shifty.gif

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I can't tell what really makes the wav stand out versus Vortech

One thing I am curious about is how favorably the Apex control of Ecotech pumps via WXM compares to the Apex control of the wav.

One of my Macna goals is to understand that better...

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Im sure this is a good pump especially if you have Apex, but do not really see other big advantages over my RW 15 at < $ 80

Howe long do any pumps last?

WAV Starter Kit Requires:

  • Apex, Apex Lite, or Apex Jr.

Individually purchased WAV Requires:

  • 1LINK Module with free 1LINK source port
  • Apex, Apex Lite, or Apex Jr.
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A draw to this configuration for me would be the plug, program and play aspect with the Apex. I have an Apex lite on my 29 cube and have an Apex Gold ready for my next build, I enjoy using them.

I'm not sure what the advantages over the RW series will be at this time. I have thought of doing the cable and module for my Apex lite as I have 2 RW 4's running in the cube. I would like to have the advantage of programing different flow patterns through the day to help with housekeeping chores but I do have a good random flow right now without me having to intervene.

They seem to be aiming right at Vortech as direct competition. The website shows the "inconvenience" of all those nasty extra wire on the Vortechs without naming them directly. lol

The footprint sounds small enough and the wire they use seems smaller than most and that is a plus. I hope they can hod up on the quite aspect, I can hear my rw 4's when they pulse. The price point is reasonable but this is hard to base anything on without some emperical evidence, namely lets see these things in action!

If I decide to use power heads on my next build and these are available I am willing to give these a try.

Jolt, Macna this year looks to be very exciting with all the new tech out, please start a thread of your adventure there! rock.gif

Ty, just use your magic tank and make it split until you have enough to purchase the WAV's. It can be your golden goose. dribble.gif

Neon, I think it is the perfect reason to talk yourself into an Apex if you don't already have a reef controller. spiteful.gif

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Jolt, Macna this year looks to be very exciting with all the new tech out, please start a thread of your adventure there!

I will definitely do that!

My main goal is getting a really good look at all the new gear since I am starting a build very soon. Unfortunately I have no room for frags so that will be a lower priority this year.

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Yeah I went w/ RKL instead of Apex. doh.gif Price point ya know! Was a Beeotch of a hassle to get the simple fix on the email and text working, but once done it works fine. The reasoning was I already had all independent programmable equipment: Reef Breeders lighting, Jebao pumps, power head and dosing pumps Really only needed the unit to monitor pH and shut down the ATO if needed as I dose Kalk thru the ATO as well as another controller for the heater. With only 4 switched power outlets, I currently only utilize three. Drop down lists are nice for ease of programming and although I could connect my power heads and pump thru a module I don't really see the need. I can independently control the single power head to do whatever a module can do. I currently have mine on a 10 second pulse which is similar to having a wave wash thru and then backwash, and with 4k gph it moves water in all sections of the tank. Coral and fish seem to like it. And the lighting can do anything a module would do as well, Sunrise, noon phase, cloudy day etc... The alarms take care of shutting down equipment if needed with the default off / on choice as well as alerting me to problems.

I don't think this APEX pump is reinventing anything, more like just adding to their long line of market share.

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