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Clam Spawned then Died


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So nothing new has been added or done to my tank. Came home the other day to my maxima clam spawning. Cool right? Then I researched if there was anything you needed to do if this happens. In a small system it's not a good thing, so i placed the clam in a bucket of tank water so that it could finish spawning. I added a bubbler so that oxygen levels wouldn't drop from the die off of the gametes. Yesterday I did a 25% water change. This morning I find my clam pretty much dead. I'm not sure if the clam was on the way out before the spawning or if the spawning caused it to die. I have had really good success with clams so this was surprising. Water tests check out fine and my temperature only fluctuates between 78 and 80 everyday. I do have 2 other small maximas in the tank and they are fine. I'll check for internal parasites later.


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Really sorry to hear about your loss, it was a beautiful clam.

I would have left it in the tank and just stepped up filtration. I've found that most spawns become a great food source for the other tank inhabitants. Unless it's something really large or toxic (cucumbers, sea apples, etc), I generally let the tank and clean up crew handle any messes.

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So I was inspecting the clam for parasites and found a worm on the bottom near the foot. It's head is somewhat clear/white and the body is black and segmented. It was in a tube made of crushed coral. Here's a couple pics.



Here's a link of what I think it is. Under section "Worms With Two Tentacles" http://www.reefkeeping.com/issues/2003-05/rs/

Doesn't seem like the culprit but who knows.

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