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Frozen food


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Im curious if any of yall have tried Ocean Nutrition's Formula One. I bout it from PetCo because they were out of Emerald Entre. Ive noticed that it seems to have much smaller pieces of food than the Emerald Entre. But what really upsets me is that after i feed the fish with it, my skimmer goes crazy for 24hours. Has this happened to any of yall?


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I've tried it before and I wasn't a big fan of all the particles in the water. Looks like the one you bought also has gel binder. I try to stay away from gel binder as I remember reading somewhere that it isn't the best for our fish friends... but that could just be hearsay.

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I hated how it had the gel agent and the cube wouldn't break up, just sank and the fish never found it. Would just sink into the sand

I agree. I usually get a cup of tank water and let it thaw in there, then I broadcast it out. It still doesn't work as well as the emerald entre or mysis cubes.

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