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Transporting corals to the frag swap


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Hello, my name is Ty, and I'm a Frag Swap seller noob!

I'm looking for tips for transport of the corals to the swap. I did the swap last Fall on a smaller scale and it was a cluster... me... not the swap. The swap was awesome!

This time I'll be coming with a lot of corals and just curious what others have done to transport large quantities of corals? I was going to try to modify a 5-gallon bucket with egg crate to have a lot of levels of storage. Otherwise, I'm stumped!

Also, any tips on where to get good baggies to bag up purchases for people? I may try to move away from the zip lock bag method. Has anybody used the plastic bags with the heat sealer?

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What about a cooler that you can double as a frag tank? Keeps the temp steady in transport, easy to carry with a handle, allows more frags on a long eggcrate reducing a zip-TY'd duct tape multi level collapse during transport.

When you transport the eggcrate is at the bottom and when you are selling you use pvc to raise the eggcrate to the top.

Take pics of the mother colonies and make yourself a legal page length of all the pics with the prices and quantity so you can keep track when people buy and you have to hold or they want a specific frag and you don't remember if it was sold already.

Also give them all Farmer Ty certificate of authentication and name them Ty this and Ty that.

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If you need some help transporting, let me know. Also, I've been hording coolers that our stuff has been shipped in. If you need some, I'd be more than happy to donate. I guess that goes for anyone really. I think I have 5 coolers still... They are just taking up space in my storage, soooo if you want some, I got some.

You can buy bags in bulk at uline. That's what we did way back when. I think we did 3mil just so we wouldn't have to double bag everything. http://www.uline.com/BL_114/Uline-3-Mil-Industrial-Poly-Bags

Then all you need are a bunch of rubber bands and you're GTG.

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I can bring some of the fish bags from work. All three sizes, if anyone needs them. We literally have thousands

Also.. Rubber bands. Have tons of them at home and small ones at work I can bring.

If theres any other random stuff yall think I may have at work to bring let me know.. i most likely have it just sitting around.

I have about 50 betta cups with lids at work for pokey frags that may pop a bag. We got in a really bad betta shipment and lost all of them. I hoard the cups.

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Makena, I'll take you up on any bags you bring but don't go out of your way for them.

Jim, I actually ordered some of those small bags for us SPS guys because they are just the right size for frags. It's good to know there's a local source if I need some in a pinch.

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