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Dan H

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So is anyone else having excessive humidity in their home this year? Granted this is our first summer with the tank, but it's also been super humid and raining so much that I'm not sure the tank is entirely to blame. Plus because the temp isn't very high our AC has not had to run very much so it's not pulling down the humidity.

Anyways, I just ordered a dehumidifier so that should help. Any of you running one? What else are you doing to control humidity.

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We have Frigidaire 50 and Frigidaire 70 pint dehumidifiers.

Last winter was the first winter we had the tank and noticed a lot of puddles at the bottom of windows and then a bit of mold.

After we got them, that all went away.

We run the 70 in the front of the house and set it at around 45%, it kicks on every few hours.

The 50 runs near the tank and is set at 50%, it never turns off haha

Our house seems to be around 48-52% most of the time.

When we're in full swing Summer, I'm sure the 50 won't run much. Like I said, we didn't notice anything until the Winter time.

BTW: I noticed the fogging of your windows and forgot to mention it to you! Sorry :/

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I never added one Dan because after much research, it got me overly concerned with increasing evaporation rates when running dehumidifiers. Basically, you suck out a ton of moisture and the air is drier, causing more evaporation. It's kind of a circle effect.

I opted to encase the whole tank and vent outside instead but I'm still working on sealing it up properly and making sure proper vent holes are added to the system. So, my venting project is still in beta test stages.

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All very interesting responses - Thank you. Well, after some discussion with Meg, we decided to buy a 70 pint dehumidifier. There is definitely too much humidity in the house, and the AC just has not needed to run enough to pull it down. The humidity is enough that my wood floors are expanding and causing them to bow slightly in a few spots. I think I will have to suffer higher evaporation rates if that means the house won't rot out from the inside. Hopefully this is more a function of the weather rather than the tank. I think the tank is only evaporating about 1.5-2 gallons a day, so that's not really that much.

I think I will also try sealing up the exhaust fan to the canopy so that all the air from the canopy can only exit the house through the exhaust fan. Maybe that would help.

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