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Power outage


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I agree disaster preparedness should be a top priority.

Bogdan does seem to have a battery backup in place. I'm sure he was thinking like all of us where is the power will be back on in the morning. I'm sure had he known that he was going to be off the grid for so long he would have gone to either Sears or Home Depot this afternoon and got a cheap generator.

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Thanks for the offer but I can't pick it up.my leaf battery is almost gone as well. I am charging the upc at work right now. It should give me approx. 6hr of one small power head running. Of the power is not back in 6 hr. I just give up.

Anyway I really appreciate your offer.

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This is what we talked about in the meeting a couple weeks ago at Dan's house! This is pretty serious stuff when it actually happens. I was about take Dan's suggestion on using the car as a source of power. But luckily power came back in the morning for me.

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Ya, I know about the leaf, I just thought maybe you had another vehicle, or a friend or whatever.

This is the converter I have:

BESTEK® Dual 110V AC Outlets 1000W Car DC 12V to AC 110V Inverter Power Supply DC Adapter Laptop Charger Notebook Adapter DC charger AC Adapter with Battery Clamps and Car Cigarette Lighter Plug https://www.amazon.com/dp/B007SLDDHQ/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_DxPyvb0Q5ME6F

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