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  1. How can I remove myself from the ARC and delete my content?

    1. mFrame


      There is nothing to do to remove your account, just stop logging in.

      As for deleting content, we do not delete content per our posting policy here: 


  2. Brine Shrimp Eggs are free.
  3. Do you have small Yellow Tang? I am looking for one.
  4. Shame on me, but I bought perystaltic pumps on ebay from China, less than $5 and have been running them under the ReefAngel controller. No complaning so far (for about 2 years).
  5. No problem, sorry for the little sarcastic tone but I am a paranoid toxicologist.
  6. Didn't know we have researchers publishing in scientific journals. Please find attached as a pdf this "poor science" article. Would love to read some of yours science papers nonylphenol.pdf
  7. Dear Teacher, Please keep up with the advances in "on line" publishing. If you "point and click" on the journal mentioned in text it will take you directly to the article. For that reason old fasioned references are not necessary anymore. I wouldn't consider you to be my student
  8. Don't worry you will be perfectly fine.
  9. OK, power is back. only one victim so far and pH relatively low 7.75 (usually above 8.0). in case of power outage lasting longer than 24h the only real option is power generator.
  10. Yes it is Nissan.sorry i am typing from my cell. Thanks guys.
  11. Thanks for the offer but I can't pick it up.my leaf battery is almost gone as well. I am charging the upc at work right now. It should give me approx. 6hr of one small power head running. Of the power is not back in 6 hr. I just give up. Anyway I really appreciate your offer.
  12. Iam at Windsor Hills Breker and Dessau. Nowbody knows when the AE get here.
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