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loud overflow


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Switch to a herbie style overflow and it will quiet it down a ton. Basically you'll want to throttle and run the primary drain at full siphon, and the second will be used vented to handle any excess.

Here's a basic guide: http://gmacreef.com/herbie-overflow-reef-tank-plumbing-method-basics/

It takes a bit of work to get the pump return flow dialed in but these are the quietest overflow setups I've seen. Other option is to run durso setups, but they usually still make a lot more noise than herbies. What you're doing right now is probably the loudest way to do it and likely results in both gurgling and the toilet flushing noises if your return flow is high enough.

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I have a similar setup to you in that I have dual overflows with two holes in each (1 in. drain, .75 in. returns). I did the durso method, diy, and you cannot hear them unless you put your ear to them and you hear a slight gurgle.

Is there more sophisticated methods, sure, but it was my first time plumbing a reef tank and my tank was designed to be used with dual returns and drains.

You almost already have the durso setup it would appear from your photos. I would tey that first for that reason. I used 1.25 inch for the durso pipes in the tank. I did not need to add the valve on the top air hole to silence anything, and water level is always constant. This is on a 125 gal tank.

I did put a gate valve on the return to dial in the return flow. Running a hugher return speed you will start to get noise from this design, and that is the drawback in my opinion to it, and reason to do one of the other setups. But I dont think you need more than 7 or 8 turnovers per hour on a tank as long as you have good circulation within it in addition to the return flow.

Just my opinion and experience so far. Again, this is the first tank I ever plumbed, all the rest of my tanks were self contained without an external sump.

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It depends if it's a water trickle like a creek, a toilet flushing or a gurgling. The flushing and the gurgle can be cured by either method above. The trickle sound cannot. The only way to fix the trickle is to raise the stand pipe so that the water in the overflow is closer to the water height in the display. The water in the overflow has to be lower than the display, but you can raise the pipe slightly to reduce the sound. The higher your return pump is rated the more sound you'll get from the water going through the weir.

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