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De-stink skimmer

Dan H

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So this morning I was checking on the sump and the skimmer had over-skimmed last night due to adding new corals and mounting them with epoxy. The epoxy always causes the skimmer to run fast for a while. Anyways, as I was enjoying the olfactory delights draining the collection cup, a thought occurred to me. Has anyone considered making an air box with carbon to "process" the exhaust air from the skimmer? My thought was to create a lid or box on the lid that has a carbon filter before the air exits. Or does anyone have any interesting ideas on how to de-stink the air coming from the skimmer?

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I don't mind the 15 minutes of pain when cleaning/emptying the cup, but sometimes it's so strong that the air in the sump starts to reek. They need to invent skimmate mints.

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