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Mike, no, I can't think of a single online vendor with free shipping on any amount and if they do, I'm assured that the shipping price is built in to the fish price.

Online ordering fish just depends on the vendor you go with, but reputable ones have good success with stock surviving.

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Some offer threshold shipping. If you consider it costs roughly $50 - $100 for packing and shipping fees to send a single reasonable size overnight package of fish, I'm somewhat surprised that free shipping is offered at all for livestock.

We have really good fish stores around here so it's usually fairly easy to get good fish locally. Most will special order as well if there is something specific you are looking for.

As far as online retailers go, live aquaria, divers den specifically are still very good. Vivid is good in my experience. You'd probably want to get more input or just research some of the other vendors to see people's experiences with them.

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People speak highly of blue zoo aquatics. I'm sure they have a free shipping threshold like the others.

I have never ordered from blue zoo so I have no first hand experience.

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Anyone know of online fish store with free shipping on any amount and is mail ordering fish a good idea

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You can check out our Vendor Reviews in the Caveat Emptor forum for feedback about vendors, shipping costs, etc


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I have ordered fish online before.

Liveaquaria.com - The shipping is free if your order is $225+

Petsolutions.com - Free shipping on orders over $99.

Petco.com - The site is hard to navigate and they don't advertise free shipping, but if your cart is over $225 then the shipping is free.

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