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Texas Coral Fest Mansfield, Texas 1-10-15


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Yesterday was the Texas Coral Fest in Mansfield, Texas just outside of Fort Worth. I left the house just after 7AM to make it there before the doors opened up at 11AM.

I was pretty much there to see what Jason Fox was bringing to the swap.

I have to say I was very impressed by what he had available and the true colors of his selection. It always better to see them in person and I have been restraining from buying anything online because I really wanted to see for myself and cherry pick what I wanted.

I only grabbed four pieces from him but I am extremely happy to have them in my frag tank at the moment.

I was lucky to get what I did because he was not able to bag frags fast enough. They were selling one after another before he could even finish with one customer. I bought four pieces from him.

I was able to score a Jason Fox Fox Flame, which I have been drooling over for close to a year now.

I got the Jason Fox Tierra Del Fuego even though I already have one Tierra Del Fuego that was supposed to be from him, but the color on this one is so much more intense and I know exactly where this one came from.

I got the JF Sour Twist because I had not seen it before and really liked the colors.

And last but certainly not least I picked up a World Wide Corals Red shortcake. The red on this piece is different than any other red acro I have and pretty much completes my collection of the shortcake Acros. I'm very pleased with it even under completely white lights.

Here they are in my frag tank

Left to right: JF Sour Twist, WWC Red Shortcake, JF Fox Flame, JF Tierra Del Fuego


JF Fox Flame


WWC Red Shortcake


JF Tierra Del Fuego


JF Sour Twist


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I attended as well and piced up these from Jason fox. Sorry for the stock photos my lights are still off.

JF Burning banana stylo


Tyree pink Lemonade via JF


JF mystery machines zoas


JF Godess of war zoas


I also got a couple things from Sherita.

A nice SC Superfreak shroom and a blood red and orange cyphastrea that I don't have a picture of.


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