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Add your list of wants and haves. We might even be able to promote some trading and or selling smile.png
dshel1217: List
ORA Pearlberry
shades of fall
Strawberry Shortcake/ lemonade
ORA Ice Tort
Tyree Setosa
Tyree Lime in the Sky
ORA purple plasma
Mike P turquoise
Purple bottlebrush

ORA Red Planet

ORA JOe the Coral

green slimer
ORA Roscoe's Blue Acro
ORA Voodoo Blue
ORA Plum Crazy
Oregon Tort
Teal berry
Sunset Milli
Rusty Pink Milli
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I have everyone of those on both of yalls wish list. Except the Pearlberry which I should be getting next week, the ORA Bellina, and the BC hyperberry.

Now if I could just get them to grow a bit faster for you guys...

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I got my Red Planet, Joe the Coral, and Sunset Monti from Don for a good price.

I have a nub of Tyree Setosa mounted to a frag plug if you're willing to grow it out. I can cut you a piece of Paletti Turquoise. I've been meaning to do it anyway.

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