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40 gallon breeder build


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I am a newb and started up my saltwater fish tank.

I started with a 15 gallon bow front that i traded a puppy for. I then realized that it was not big enough. So I got a 33 gallon from a friend for free and moved eveything over into that. About a month later that one became to small and i upgraded to a 40 gallon breeder. Painted the stand with spray paint and built a hood, installed lights and hinges.Had a ehopps overflow with bio balls, got rid of that and got a 20 gallon long chambered sump. I filled it with rock and a filter bag and skimmer.

I LOVE zoas so i have alot of them, a few lps, some sps.

I Have 2 Panorama retro 2 led lights and a 36in actinic light, 2 3 bulb led moon lights

I just recently upgraded from the old school round timers to a reefkeeper 2.

Just getting started so let me know what you think.








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Lol, I know I'm already wanting a 75-90 gallon! But the wife would kill me if I tried to

Get another tank! I've had this one for about 3 months now and I think I'm sticking with it.....for a little while at least

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