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  1. "FarmerTy" Thanks for the tip! So how'd you get into saltwater? [emoji12] Masochism
  2. He's alive! Yeah, alive and well. But maybe not back online much. I came on to message someone and had a couple of minutes, so I checked out a few builds. So more of a proof of life posting and then back in the shadows, huh? [emoji6] well, if you keep talking to me, and i have to respond, you may suck me back in .
  3. He's alive! Yeah, alive and well. But maybe not back online much. I came on to message someone and had a couple of minutes, so I checked out a few builds.
  4. Wow Ty, that's a lot of fish swimming around. Looking good.
  5. The tank is looking good, Kim. I am having a hair algae problem, too. I think I am going to try the water change and scrubbing thing.
  6. i'm alive, just slammed. can't complain about too much work. tanks are doing well, but i haven't been able to get to a store and buy anyhting to add since april/may sometime.

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    2. Timfish


      You're in good company! I'm lucky if I have time to check my PMs and emails.

    3. FarmerTy


      Glad to hear you and your tanks are well!

    4. JamesL


      I think tanks do better when we just let them go for a while and not fiddle :). Welcome back to a more active lurking :)

  7. If God intended us to eat caviar he'd have made it out of cow.
  8. that post is full of laughs. but, on the serious note, if you need to borrow some money for your cooling system let me know. i don't want you to have to go without a cup of coffee this month due to the unexpected expense. although, perhaps your autofeeders will offset the costs.
  9. That sandstorm is not too bad, actually. You got 200g of water in there pretty quick.
  10. Thank you for the ideas, I will be looking into it. Cement board is my plan at the moment. So with the silica, this would just be mounted up high under the stand and swapped out as needed? I've never heard of it and sounds very manageable. And it's an excuse to buy shoes. "But honey, we need the silica, you don't want moldy walls, do you?"
  11. roger that, Austin. sorry, that is where my NASA to reef lingo translation ends.
  12. Or at least give his Banner is own build thread.
  13. ow, was that a shock? ow, seemed like a shock. ow. honey, does this look like a shock? ow. so, will there be a slightly used heater sale soon?
  14. looks good man. how exciting.
  15. Yeah that stinks. Sorry man.
  16. "Quick! Add pictures to distract from Bruce Lee swimming up my leg!" Tank looks great, btw.
  17. you could repackage axe body spray into reef spanish fly bottles for an additional payment of $19.99 plus shipping and handling.
  18. ty's nature/nurture system for reef sucess ™. thanks for your explanation.
  19. Wow, you should go into breeding. You have the knack.
  20. the first thing you think of is a 50 cent song? thug fo life. Now Ty, when the time comes to celebrate, use your inherited skills and upload a karaoke video of magic stick. Then Dennis will finally understand what it's like to live in mature, stick dominated world. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk i don't know what you heard about me, but... not that one, but i'd pay good coral for jeeper to kareoke some luda.
  21. sorry, but come on, magic? that's like sending me to an intersection that only turns south. but clearly, i am not mature enough for SPS builds.
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