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sps 4 sale part deux


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Since over half of the frags from my earlier "sps 4 sale" thread are already gone and i'm adding some other sps varieties, so here's the 4 sale thread part deux!

As before, these pictures do not do the corals justice.



Unknown acro, teal green w/ blueish gray tips - this was the lowest branch so currently not colored up as it could be

Frag #1 - 4" x 2.5" - $80 OBO (if there is interest I could simply frag this out into the individual branches @ ~$10-$20/frag)



German Blue Digi, fast grower, typically has great PE but not in my tank
Frag #2 - $10

Frag #3 - $10
Frag #4 - fully encrusted plug w/ many spires - $10 - Sold Neon Reefer

Frag #5 - $10

Hydnophora (bright green)
Frag #6 - $20 - Sold Neon Reefer

Yellow mille (it's primarily green, but the base is yellowish)

Frag #7 - $10

Unknown acro, base is reddish brown then becomes green and tips are blue

Frag #8 - $10

Frag #9 - $10 - Sold KKAAY
Frag #10 - $10

Frag #11 - $10
Frag #12 - $10

Frag #13 - $15
Frag #14 - $15

Frag #15 - $20
Frag #16 - $20 - Sold esacjack



Monti cap, red

Frag #17 - 3"x2"x1.5" (was originally placed against the glass so has a flat backside) - $20

Monti cap, green w/ purple rim (these were lower shelves so currently kind of brown)

Frag #18 - $5 - Sold esacjack

Frag #19 - $10 - Sold Neon Reefer

I'll honor requests based on chronology whether I get it via thread (preferred), pm, and/or txt. Unless I know you, PayPal holds.

Pickup is either NW Austin (i live near RCA) or SW Austin (i work there MTTh) no later than 6/12 noon as i'm going out-of-town for 2 weeks.

Thanks for looking.

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the mystery acro is beautiful. Nice and smooth branches, dark blue with bright blue and teal tips. Under the kessils the base structure is starting to become more teal/turqoise... great frag mitch! Thanks!

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sorry mitch, this is the best pic I could get of it! The frag tank officially only has one slot left.. :( The blue and turquoise/teal are REALLY starting to stand out now. (Background acro)


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