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Complete Elos Mini 20g, Ai Sol Blue, MP10 and more!


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Everything SOLD!! Thanks for the interest everyone, happy to say it's gone to a good home! :D

The time has come to sell my Elos Mini. It's a top notch nano, but don't have time for it anymore with my big tank running. You can read above it's life thus far in it's Build Thread.

When it was running:


I'm including everything you need to get started. You can literally buy this system, add sand, water and rocks to start cycling your new nano TODAY! biggrin.png Heck I even have some nice Marco rocks left over you can dip into if you like!

I'd prefer to sell everything together, but I'll list the individual prices here so you can see how I get to the final number (and where the savings are!) wink.png

ELOS MINI Aquarium
ELOS MINI pool with ELOS overflow and front pane in crystal clear glass (17”x17”x16” approx. 20 US gallons)
Clean and scratch free (as far as I'm aware.)

ELOS Mini Sump
ELOS SQUARE (17”x17”x35.5") ELOS SUMP 100 with built in top off reservoir
How it looked when it was running:

Now: (Could do with a little bit of a clean.)

ELOS NS100 skimmer
Comes with Eheim compact 100 pump. Eheim compact 1000 pump and all plumbing included.
(I did rinse it with hot water but you know how skimmers are!)

ELOS MINI Stand with white door

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AI Sol Blue & Controller
Comes with custom built light stand/hanger!

VorTech MP10 w/ EcoSMART Driver
Manufacture date: Jan 13th 2011

Elos Digital Osmocontroller
Comes with skimmer injector cleaner mod to keep the skimmer working at tip top efficency.

Azoo Titanium 100w with external control
Perfect fit in sump either horzontally or vertically.

JBJ Nano-Glo 4-LED Magnetic Refugium Light
Fits perfectly in sump next to bio chamber.

Random Extras:
- Custom made mesh lid!

- Used Filter Socks (washed, but grubby looking)

Edit: NEW PRICE $900 for EVERYTHING!!!

PM me if you'd like to come and check it out. Most afternoons after 3pm, or evenings (we stay up pretty late) work for me. We're in North Austin, near Parmer & Lakeline Blvd. Will hold for PayPal. Not looking to part out just yet, but might go that route later if I can't find a buyer for the complete package.

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Still available! biggrin.png

I'll be sure to update the thread when it's gone.

I'd like to at least sell the tank first before parting out.

I can do a deal of the tank (inc stand + sump) + lights + powerhead for a tidy $1000... which basically means you'd get the powerhead for $20! (Or comparing to new prices, the lights and powerhead for FREE!) Not a bad way to spend your Christmas money! laugh.png

Best to PM me as I keep forgetting to check this thread.

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Been away for a while and all of this is still sitting in the garage. Looking to just get it gone now so I'm thinking $900 for EVERYTHING!

I know this cute little setup will make someone very happy! :D

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