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Upgrading to LED's and I have to get rid of some of this stuff. All prices are firm,as they are all very reasonable( most cases way less than what I paid).

First come, first served, will hold with PayPal, you cover fees. Located in north Austin of Parmer and mopac. Can meet at either Aquatek or RCA on weekends.

Aquapod 24 with stand and aftermarket pc light upgraded return pump mj900 amd custom cut weir block for better surface skimming. Also a small Oceanic Biocube type powerhead $100

Aurora Blueline 24" 150w hqi with dual t5's and awesome bright LED moonlights. Comes with brand new 14k bulb,hanging hardware and legs. $150



Take everything for $225 Can grow just about anything with this light over the Aquapod without the the temp being too much of a concern.

Random pulse wave maker machine. $20 probably have some old power heads I can throw in. PENDING


Pictures and more to be added later. Pm with any questions.

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