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  1. Patrick Happy Birthday. Sorry I am late, but just having a senior moment.
  2. Sorry that everyone is having problems with their lagoons. Like Patrick stated in an earlier post it's probably too much light which is causing most of the problems. As far as the feather algae is concerned whenever you see the stems turning white pull out of the tank, same is true with more than 50 percent of the leave turning white. That is not new growth. My lagoon seem to be doing fine. Click on photo for more detail.
  3. How accurate are API test kits? Are they acceptible. I know that RCA used them for their test.
  4. Grog I purchased a green bubble tip at the last meeting as well and I noticed today that it had split into two as well. I haven't been paying any attention to my tank for the last week so I do not know when it happened. My tank has a large amount of macro algae so it seems like things are always getting lost or hidden in it. First time for me.
  5. Chaeto normally does not go sexual
  6. Guys the algae went sexual on you. Subsea is right. the intense lighting is causing the problem. My 40 gal breeder with the leds, the feather algae will go sexual if the photo period is too long. My 34 gal Red Sea with the pc lights has the same algae and as yet to go sexual. No worry just remove the dead plants before the start to decay and release the NO3 and PO4.
  7. Yes, I have some codium. It is very slow growing. The window is always open except if I am taking photos. The tank stays around 78.
  8. A couple of updated photos. Having a terrible algae problem. Macro that is. Stuff is growing wildly and I believe the tank and it's inhabitants are now in equilibrium now. Left Right
  9. Good point Grog. Your live sand was true live sand from the seabed then shipped wet, not bagged and setting on a shelf.
  10. I was reading some post and the subject of bagged live sand from a LFS was mentioned. How many of you good folks buy into in it and why. Opinions of why it could be a waste of money. Not talking about sand that you received from another tank or sand that you grabbed from the bottom of the gulf. Store bought live sand.
  11. I have purchased most of my live stock from shane. He might not have the largest selection of livestock or drygoods, but everything that he has, he uses and his livestock survives. As far as ARC is concerned ask him why he doesn't care for it and then make up your mind. He has good points. To be honest with you, we talk all the time and he really doesn't care about this site, but who does everyone want to drill their tank or build a sump for them. The man hears the same stories all the time you can take his advice or not on how to fix them. People are upset that he doesn't give discounts,
  12. I have a home for some babies already. Plenty of cover and all little fish in the tank. I also bought a green tipped anenome for them. Let me know.
  13. Thank you Thank you It was a very nice party.
  14. Actually, if you do a water test everything should be just fine. The Ph might have dropped alittle.
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