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Somebody is being modest

Robb in Austin

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Awww shucks thanks! biggrin.png

(Only if you like my blog the best though!)

It's actually a little awkward because the prize is really nice calcium reactor, but as my tank is mostly going to be RBTAs, softies and some LPS... it's the one piece of equipment I don't really need. blush.png I just liked the idea of a blog rather than a thread so I started one. D'oh! doh.gif

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Thx!! :D

I still can't believe I won! I was certain more people would enter and I wouldn't have to worry about what the heck to do with a calcium reactor! :lol:

I guess that means I'm the best at rabbiting on about my tank now... I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing! :lol:

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