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lol, still trying to get a hang of this blogging function... :)

Anyway, my tank's coming back after some troubles in early April (brown jelly disease, montipora eating nudibranches, protozoan infestation <- very puzzling). Most of the affected corals in the previous entry pics got dipped and QT'ed. Some didn't make it through the ordeal (mostly my rics, some LPS, and the red monti :(), but I'm happy that the corals that 'made it' are getting better in QT. I'll be moving some of the corals back to the regular tank around mid-June.

I've been slowly restocking the tank to be less LPS/SPS dominant. Here's some pics I took tonight of the progress:

I <3 Caulastreas


Softie corner - (used to be the ricordea garden). Six-line says hi! :D


Upward view of clownfish & damsel


Side view of tank


FTS (click pic for non-resized version)


Thanks for looking! :)

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WOW! It looks AMAZING Noodle! Congrats on getting rid of all the ailments. Gosh those gorgs. have really gotten big! My frags is looking awesome. Still tiny. Im soooo jealous of your frogspawn though..... :) lol

I LOVE the candy canes! I have been wanting to get some but I guess I just need to buy some. lol. Where did you get yours? And do you know of any good places to get some?


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