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any one have their zoas grow with long and skinny lashes (skirt)? why? or what cause it?...my zoas were like that when i got...after few months they started show that...

LMK what u think...i try get some pics later on...

tank parameter:

sal 1.025

mag ~ 1100ppm

cal 410-450

kh ~8-9

phosphate 0

nitrate 0

temp 75-76....recently heat it up and stay @ 78.

the tank is closed to 1 yr old...


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VWMIKE could be right. i do have a strong flow, mp40 in 4' tank. i'll try to power it down abit to see what happen. i am sure they r not polys.here is what i got w/ long lashes

king midas

pink zipper

rapstor rainbow

fairy dust


amor of god

fire and ice

ppe red ring and maybe more....

these r the best pics i can get. 1st one is amor of god...next is AOG on top and fairy dust at lower...



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