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That doesn't mean Rockin' Reef is dead, does it? :(

Congrats to the two of you. :cool:

Yes Chris...Rockin' Reefs is no longer a sponsor on ARC and I will no longer be selling commercial livestock here as a club member. I thought long and hard about this over the summer. I find myself to be in a more positive state volunteering my time to a club and hobby I have a passion for. I was losing the passion by consistently receiving livestock orders and being so overly busy. I loved to social and meet so many people, but I'd rather do that at our meetings and frag swaps. I have so much of my own coral that has grown in 3 years and never had time to propagate and pay attention to what was "mine" from the start!! I also have had the wonderful experience of successfully raising (so far!!) seahorse fry. That takes ALOT of time, but I got it right and want to keep that as my specialty. I still have over 200 gallons of tanks set up here, so I will hopefully be able to frag what is long overdue.

I want to take a second to thank EVERYONE for your support in the past year. Rockin' Reefs, the sponsor, is gone...but Mama Laura is here to stay. I call many of you friend and it is my goal to keep our club strong and active. This will help us keep the sponsors we have and hopefully gain new businesses in the future.

'Till the next meeting....


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