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Newbie Here....saying "hi"....

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Hi guys. I was on vacation from work last week, and started to dabble in reefy saltwater. The boys at River City helped me out, and all of them are very knowledgable folk. As indicated by the red linear sine wave below "knowledgable", I'm pretty confident I misspelled that twice. I'm patiently waiting for a month, before I add fish comprised of full awesomeness.

BTW...I see how this is an addiction. If any of you guys want to pawn-off/sell me their old hardware (I'm already looking to upgrade), I will make an effort to personally hand you 3 internets. Thank you! Coming Soon: Pics!

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Welcome! So tell us about the setup you got from RCA!

75G tank with Eshopps overflow box....PM R24 refugium with light.... dual Aqueon 950 powerheads...and live rock. I already had a 65w dual light set, but i now know that's not enough. It'll change when I get my bonus check. rofl waffles?

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You have to explain your username as well as "ifficiationism"

(Edit: I posted this before I was made a mod, so not "ordering" you to esplain.)

Regardless: Welcome!


I own a domain that was a play on words, but really crass when spoken aloud. The email address I used for the domain was one I had IMAP'd to my phone so I would receive important push emails. My son is 10 years old now, and is doing taekwondo and Boy's Scouts, and my son's mother was reluctant to give that email address to other parents when collaborating for plans and special events, and insisted use a different email address. I couldn't think of anything funny, so I tried "yourdefaultusername" is a login when creating a new Hotmail account......then a Yahoo account.....and lastly a GMail account. I thought it was so clever, so I even bought a domain (which suprisingly wasn't squatted) .....www(dot)defaultwebpage(dot)com. I now use that as my new push IMAP address.


Is a combination of every which way we can modify a noun/verb (except for -ly). -icate, -tion, - ifficate, -ify, -ism. This isn't, by any means, a correct use to modify words, and it sounds more like George W. Bush when you do. Example: "When I added a fish, it ammon-iate the hydrogen-ation. The biological-iffication then change-idify the water-ism.

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