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200 Gal Rimless Elos 160 XL for sale (100% Low Iron (Starfire) glass)


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I have decided to get out of the hobby and am selling my system. A video of the tank, taken just a few days ago, and system can be seen here:

I am selling one of two ways, as the basic system and as a package price for everything I have.

System Price - $6000

Everything Price - $8000

System Price includes:

200 gal Elos 160 XL Tank

Elos stand

Large Elos sump

Large Elos skimmer (comes with 2 Ehiem1262 pumps)

Ehiem 1262 Return pump

Ehiem 1262 pump to chiller

Acrylic 40 gal refuge

2 x Tunze Stream Powerheads

2 X Tunze Nano-Stream Powerheads

Tunze Multi Controller

Tunze Wavebox

Tunze Wavebox controller

Deltec Calcium reactor

Tunze Regulator

5 lb Aluminum CO2 Bottle

1/3 HP Arctica Chiller

2 X CoralVue 400W Ballast

2 X Luminarc Reflectors

2 X 400W SE Antony Calfo 20K bulbs

Light stand

Rean Canister Filter

…these are just the major pieces (other items also included)

All Live stock…

Fish (Hippo Tang, Yellow Tang, Purple Tang, Copperband Butterfly, 2 x Green/blue Chromis, 2 x Blue Chromis, Mandarin, Blue Spot Goby, Cleaner shrimp, starfish, etc.)

Over 150 pieces of coral ranging from large colonies to frags (Tyree Miami Hurricane, Tyree Undata, Red Planet, CCA Lave Chalice, Palatta Stag, LE Tracey Grey Bali Tricolor, Tubbs Zoos, Hawaian Ding Dangs, Ricordeas, Yumas, etc.)

200 – 250 lbs live rock

200 lbs sand

Everything includes all of the above plus:

Profilux Plus 2

Profilux Dosing pump (NIB)

2 X Icecap 400W Ballast

2 x 430 VHO Icecap Ballast (NIB)

Euro-Reef RS 180 with recirc mod

VHO bulbs (NIB), 1/10 HP Chiller, T5 bulbs, pumps, full size salt water mixing station, Luminarc reflectors

…much, much more – too much to list here,

Serious inquiries only.

Please do not ask me about parting out. I want to try to sell the system first. If that does not work, I will post a new ad when/if I am ready to start parting out.


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This tank is beautiful in person.

Stephens is one of the first tanks I got a chance to visit from the club, and he set the bar pretty high.

The palys I got from you are still doing great, and I also got a very small piece of monti hitchhiking on the same rock that has grown beautifully.

Sad to see you getting out man.

Good Luck.

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Stephen I hate to see you go! Just a word to the wise though you'll get back in at some point so you might want to hang on to your controller, pumps, powerheads, etc IF you end up parting out.

I didn't see you list any ZEO stuff, if you have some and want to sell let me know please.

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