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Reefs2Go Group Buy July


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Order goes in Wednesday June 30th @ 3pm (to make sure it gets in before the holiday)

Order will need to be paid by Tuesday July 6th @ midnight (if not paid in time you risk being dropped from the order)

Order will be in Friday July 9th

Post orders on this thread, email me your real name and paypal addy.

I will put the order together and send to Reefs2Go and then they will bill everyone individually.

$150.00 is free shipping which it looks like wont be ANY problem

Any questions pm me and I will try my best to answer them for you...

Might be willing to organize a drop off up north or if there is someone who can/will be able to pick up for you just let me know and I will have it together for them.

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Im in for:

15 blue leg hermits .40 X 30 X .5 = $6 for special (want 30 total with bogo)

10 nasarius snalils @ .70 each = 7

10 astrea @ .75 each = 7.5

Rock flower anemone 7.99

Candy Apple Zoanthids 10.99

Neon green zooanthids 7.99

= 48

I may add more as well get closer to the closing date

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Here is my order. I will PM you with my information shortly. BTW, is anyone coming up north? That would be a huge help!

Sally Light Food Crab

1 each


Blue Leg Hermit Crabs

5 each


Scarlett Leg Hermit Crabs

2 each


Emerald Crab

2 each


Ninja Star Astrea Snail

2 each


Brittle Starfish

1 each


Red Knobby Starfish

1 each


Serpent Starfish

1 each


Arrow Crab

1 each


Razzberry Crème Zoanthids

1 each


TOTAL - 65.19

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Ok here's what I would like:

25 - Cerith Snails - $14

3 - Packs of empty snail shells - $5.97

1 - Sand Sifting Starfish - $10.69

30 - Blue Leg Hermits - $12

20 - Red Leg Hermits - $ 12

5 - Emerald Crabs - $22.50

1 - Sally Lightfoot Crab - $3.99

= $81.15

Also, is anyone able to pick this up for me in Kyle, and bring it back north to the RR, GT, CP area?

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yes if you are all ordering the same things then if it shows a discount for more ordered then you will all get the discounted price... you can all still order like normal and just let me know if there is a quantity discount on the item and I will figure it out

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OK so I have talked to Crystal and Reefs2go has agreed to extend the hermit/crab sale to our group order. so anyone wanting to order those items I will post the prices for you

They are as follows:

All Hermit Crabs - BUY one Get one FREE!!

BUY 200 get 200 FREE!!

Horse Shoe Crabs- $2.99 each!!

Emerald Crabs - Red or Green - 2 for $8.99

Sally Light Foot Crab - $3.99

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