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  1. Bump still for sale, price drop and more pictures added.
  2. Selling 80 Gallon SCA PNP center overflow Starfire glass aquarium and stand with everything needed (empty and ready to go). This is center overflow with black painted back. Tank is a 32 x 24 x 24 no chips, and no leaks. Comes with black cabinet as well. Other items are as listed, and will only part if i have a buyer for the tank and cabinet. for whole system listed. Contact Chris *sold* ATI 8 bulb 24 in dimmable fixture. ( with extra bulbs and hanging system) Neptune Apex fusion system- with 2 EB-8 energy bar plug system. ( 5 light and 3 light lunar light strings) Ecotech Vec
  3. Sorry post updated with fix. It's a A-360 WE. Also added pics.
  4. AS the title states brand new kessil A-360we tuna blue with gooseneck mount. I am using an ATI dimmable fixture and have no use for this guy but here is the opportunity for someone to get a good deal on this brand new led light. Will put photo up in a little bit. SOLD Pm or txt chris 512 576 5181.
  5. I know someone wants to get into bio pellets or get a new system here the opportunity to get a awesome reactor For about half off. Price drop!!
  6. need to make room in the stand. price drop.
  7. Selling BRS 2 part system. I did use 1 box of the package but the other 2 boxes are untouched as well as the jug pumps and magnesium. SOLD. Txt or pm. Chris 512 576 5181
  8. Selling barely used BR -1000SS bio pellet reactor. This guy worked great and liked the system just moved onto the aquaforest thing. Lol. was a great space saver since it was in the sump. I will throw in some return red pipe I used and some BRS bio pellets in with the buyer if they want. SOLD. Txt or pm. Chris 512 576 5181
  9. Selling Brand New unopened bottles of Red Sea reef energy A & B. Expiration dates are 4/18 and 5/18. Don't want to break up pair. SOLD for the 2 bottles. Txt or pm. Chris 512 576 5181
  10. Robb has some of the nicest RBTA's I have seen and was fortunate enough to snag one of these guys. thumbs up for quality and good seller!
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