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  1. get your name on a kit first round sold out already 2nd round coming
  2. my friends makes them i can do a local deal if anyone interested
  3. hell0 i only have a couple of these kits coming in SOON!. Easy 3 piece build . dropp in and your done please text me at 512-966-8752
  4. Two Heads Branching , $100
  5. i can come right now to get a few things . the tangs and few equipment
  6. pm me with pictures and price please thank you
  7. Perferbally Tunze ATOS please text me at 512-966-8752
  8. thanks guy i found one i will keep in mind if i know someone is looking for one !
  9. looking for a skimmer rated for 200g
  10. Looking for one , text me at 512-966-8752 for fast response
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