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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, after living in a small home for the past 6 years and having limited space for a larger tank, the wife and I finally moved up into a larger home with plenty of wall space for a larger tank. We plan on living in this home for a while, and this is the closest I'll get to a dream tank for a long time. I decided to order a custom build tank through River City Aquatics that is 7 feet long, 30" wide, and 24" tall. Roughly 260 gallons of water in the display tank. We are also expecting a daughter to arrive in February 2020, so planning the tank to be kid safe was a key consideration. Sin
  2. System still needs a CO2 regulator...to be complete. Robust Construction Vertex™ RX-Series Calcium Reactors are made to last; being assembled only with high-grade cast acrylic and heavy-duty PVC parts. All Vertex™ products are rigorously tested for safety, efficiency and reliability. Exclusive Features Advanced reverse-flow design All John Guest fittings Precision Vertex™ Needle Valve Large bubble counter Onboard pH probe port Quick-Lock lids CO2 dissolution chamber prior to main reaction chamber Excess CO2 recycling system
  3. Hello everyone! I have (2) nice Stylo Frag Packs for sale. They are $50 each and include a Purple Stylo, Green Stylo and Rainbow Stylo. All are very colorful. Plus 2 free frags! Hot Pink Birdsnest and Electric Blue Digitata. (This is a great pack, Rainbow Stylo frags are $50 online) Sold Below are some pictures of the frag pack and mother colonies. All pictures taken with iPhone 6. Large Colonies for Sale: Colorful Green Birdsnest 4" diameter (green body with green polyps) $40 Sold Flower Pedal Capricornis 7" x 5" (green body with blue polyps) $75 Hot Pink Birdsnest (Massive!!) 9" x
  4. Hello, Tank is starting to fill out and I need to make some room. Thanks for looking! ORA Marshall Island Lantana Montipora Frag- $25 (different and unique) Available LiveAquaria Photo Purple Stylo Frag- multi branch $15 (nice deep purple, fast grower) Sold Tylee Green Stylo Frag- large 3" multi branch $15 (orange body with green polyps) Available Green Torch with Green Tips Frag- $15 (beautiful green color, single head) Sold Stangturismo Green Torch Mother Colony (not for sale) Blue Montipora Digitata Colony- $40, 5"x3" (nice electric blue polyps, large colony) Sold Broo
  5. 10gReef

    Live Rock

    I have 3 LARGE pieces of LR. all are over 12" in length. I can post pics and weights later. $2.00 a pound or trade for fish, inverts, corals what ya got. i expect each rock to weigh close to 20lbs each
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