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  1. Great meeting Ty! Nice to put some names to faces. Great setups and very educational!
  2. You don't need to overfeed to get it working. It will take time to start to grow. At first, you will get like a slime layer on the screen. Remove that after about a week. You will slowly start seeing the green algae taking hold. Mine took about 2 weeks to start growing green algae...now, it grows it like crazy!! If you need help, contact me.
  3. Need one for my 210 build
  4. Tore the bottom out of the stand due to previous owner flooding it and it had water damage. Going to add more supports. Can't believe he had that tank up there with only six 2x4s!
  5. Jimbo, where did you get the square tubing light mounts? Eztube.com?
  6. AC Infinity AIRPLATE S7, Quiet Cooling Fan System 12" with Speed Control, for Home Theater AV Cabinets Look these up, this is what I am ordering
  7. Look into AV cabinet fans. Google them. Look SO much better than a computer fan, super quiet and pull tons of air
  8. OK reefers! Since the tank is drilled for a closed loop system. Do I use it or cap them off? Second, the three bulk heads at the top. I want to use a bean animal and was wondering the best way to do this. Should I get an internal overflow box and not worry about a box on the outside or put a box on the inside and outside? If I just have an overflow box on the inside, I could run PVC to sump directly from overflows and not worry about adding external box and additional plumbing. Lets hear your thoughts and opinions...
  9. Stand is in garage. Going to refinish it, paint inside, add false wall for power/electronics.
  10. Just snagged a 210 tank and stand for $500. Came with a TON of other equipments, fittings, plumbing, etc... Here's the beast!
  11. Ok. Anyone selling a 180? The one I had lined up was apparently broken over the holiday weekend. Knew I should have picked it up sooner.
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