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CLOSED: Shutting my system down, Livestock for sale


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Hello all, I'm both sad and happy to say that I am shutting my system down.  I'm VERY late getting this posting up.  It's just time, I lost interest in keeping things going some time ago, and as we all know this is not a hobby that you can let go ideal for long.  I would like all of the live stock gone by end of next week 1/27/2022 (Thursday) if possible.  

My fish prices are not cheap, but they are very good prices for that you will get.  All of these fish are very healthy, have been in my 375g aquarium for at least 3 years some closer to 5.  So obviously, they are well past quarantine and and shipping shock you'd get online, or even in the local stores.  

Fish Price Size/Detail Available 
Potters Angel $160.00 Large Spoken for
Yellow Belly Blue Tang $120.00 Medium Spoken for
Gem Tang  $1,399.00 Large  
Goldflake Angelfish $550.00 Medium/Large  
Purple Tang $399.00 Large  
Desjardini Sailfin Tang $199.00 Large / Xlarge Spoken For
Frostbite Clownfish $89.99 male size medium  
One Spot Foxface $199.99 Large  


For now I'm going to hold off on selling any more BTAs and the Tiger Tails.  I got a few off some some people but I think it will be better to wait until all the fish are out, will make it easier and less stressful.  I'll post again in March as I'll be out of town all of February.  I'll still sell the fish if they can be picked up by Thursday of this week.  If not I'll relist them in March as well.

Rainbow BTA - I have a number of these, and I'll work them off as they are requested.  I am listing these pretty inexpensive, I'm sorry to those of you that have them  listed, I'm NOT trying to mess with your sale, I just need to empty my tank of all live stock ASAP.

Rainbow BTA $45 - First come first serve.  I'll remove the largest first, unless someone requests a smaller one.


I know I also have some Tiger Tail Sea Cucumber $20 each, I have at least 3 maybe more.


Paypal or cash ONLY, I will update this post with availability.

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I'm closing this post, when it got real about shutting the system down I had some really strong second thought about that action.  So at this time I'm going to keep it running, if I'm feeling the same way in a while, I'll repost things.  As for the BTAs, there were a couple people that expressed interest, I'll honor the price I posted at, and you'll be the first I contact when I got a couple off.

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  • SChrisEV changed the title to CLOSED: Shutting my system down, Livestock for sale
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3 hours ago, Mr jawbreaker said:

Are you selling your tank? If so how much and spec please? Call or text me 512 512 517 9407. Thanks

Maybe you didn't see his last post but SChrisEV's decision to shut down his system has been put on hold for now.

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