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  1. Thanks!!! The pictures definitely don't do them justice... Bumpity bump bump
  2. I have a cluster of about 12 paly grandis and a tyree pastel favia. I'd like to sell. My GF bday is coming up so I could use the extra money. Asking 200obo for palys and 30 for the favia
  3. Rconde


    Looking for a sump for my 50g lowboy, similar to a Ice-cap Reef Sump 24.
  4. I'll be south on Sunday, if you'd like to set something up?
  5. Hello everyone I have 5 green w/ orange mouth fungia, I got the mother from Ty awhile back. Asking 30 they range in size. Willing to make a trade/deal for other fungia, really been trying to find an orange one!
  6. Tried of this guy knocking things over and getting things attached to him, would like to trade for a nice rhodactis mushroom or Ricordea.
  7. Gone took him to River City. Admin please close thread
  8. Looking for a skimmer that will fit in the back of my JBJ RF-65 it's an AIO. Would be interested in a HOB as well Thanks!
  9. Hmm I edited post let me try again
  10. He's in my QT tank now, thought it would take longer but some frozen mysis and a homemade fish trap worked.
  11. Hey everyone looking to get rid of this guy, he's aggressive towards new tank mates.... Asking 30 or trade for coral beauty or flame angel. As soon as I catch him he'll be in my QT tank. Ready to go
  12. Hey everyone I got these from veexios, would like to trade for some lps, mushrooms, ricordia, favia, acans. Sorry for the crappy pics just did a water change and moved some things around.
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