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Amazing Frags at Amazing Prices...Prices Lowered Again

Chad and Belinda

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Trying to sell of the last of my frags...will be available all evening. First come, first served.

Teal Tort: 1 to 2" frags - $10

Tyree's Tri Color: 1 1/2" frags $15

Green Birds Nest 2 branches per frag about 1" each branch $10

Green Monti Cap 3" x 2" - $5 each

Watermelon Zoanthids 5 polyps $5

Small Warp Speed Monti frag $5 (1 available)

Orange Zoas 4 or 5 polyps $10

Unknown Coral $5 for 1 1/2" Frag (2 available)

Unknown Pink Zoanthids 5 Polyps $15

Lemonade Acro $15

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I would appreciate a : watermelon frag @$10, orange zoa @$5 and a fire and ice@$10.

Just let me know when and where I can pick them up.


Bill- 784-4475

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If you haven't jumped on this already do it now. Great frags at unbelievable prices. Already polyps are out on all of mine. Also very nice people who just need our help to thin out thief reef. Think of the poor sand sifting starfish who is starving because of all of the frags on the sand.

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i'l take some of the zoa frags...watermelon, orange, eye of RAH, fire and ice for sure...and maybe others too. please call 731-1900 to give direction and appointment. dan

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I would like that peice of JG my other one didnt make the ammonia spike.. as did any other SPS.. =/ well really the only thing that did really well and didnt die and kept going was the 2 frags of digi i got from ya.. hardy stuff!

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