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whats happing to my fish? Ok its my new puffer fish he's laying on the floor of the fish tank. and not realy moving, brithing heavy. I moved him in to another tank that I put a small pump in too keep the water moving. If it dyes will it releas a toxin into the water?

Help any thing.

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sure, DO RESEARCH!!!!!

now I have found with most fish that you buy at a LFS there is a 50/50 chance of it making it. Most fish are pulled straight from the ocean packed into boxes and shipped half way around the world only to be put in tank with high levels and tons of other fish.

without more info it will be hard to help you. It could be as simple as what I just said or the conditions of your water are bad.

can you give us some numbers? also maybe what temps the tanks reach during the day.

opps almost forgot the last two things



; )

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Please give us information on the tank where he is currently.

Try to minimize his stress in order to help his natural immune system. Tips to minimize stress.

1 Don't move him much more unless necessary.

2 Put some CLEAN/new pvc pipe (this would be very large pvc if the puffer is large) in the tank for him to hide in and feel safe.

3 Try to make sure tank conditions like temperature are stable and within 76-78 degrees.

You could also try dosing with Kent Marine’s Marine-C vitamin supplement might help boost his immune system as well.

Doing a google search I found this site on pufferfish which probably has a lot more helpful information.


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you said youve moved him a few times... like austinaquaman said try minimize movement. ich can be triggered by stress if your parameters are bad or your moving the fish from tank to tank itll cause stress which can cause ich. id try the immune booster and see if thatll help

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