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SW Equipment For Sale or Trade


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Hi everyone, I'm new to the Austin area. I had to break down my two tanks to move and I'd like to move to one larger (fw) tank. The following items come from my SW tank and are all in working condition. They came from a 46g bowfront that didn't make the move.

$100 Coralife 3ft PC fixture

-- newish (about 1 month) 10k 92W bulb and dual actinic 92W bulb

-- 2 blue LEDs

(each light (and the LEDs) are on a separate cord and switch, there is one fan, also comes with mounting legs)

$100 Remora Aqua C HOT skimmer -- includes surface skimmer box and maxi-jet 1200

$20 2x Koralia 1 ph ($10 each)

$10 Finnex 200W titanium heater (with external temperature control)

$75 Coralife Pureflow II RO filter (25g/day) - Will need new RO membrane!

$30 for everything below


2x partial SW testkits (most of the ammonia tests are used up)

Pair of elbow length heavy gloves

algae brush

long handle gripper with scissor attachment

python squeeze bulb

aquastik coral putty

Package deal: everything above for $275 if you take it all at once.

Alternately, I'm will to trade everything for a largish tank, stand, light, and decent filter unit (Rena for example). If you can help me get the tank here, I'll throw in some pork ribs for lunch (offer good 4th of July weekend only :)

e-mail or pm



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Heater and grabber - sold

Koralia's are requested.

BTW: I've got a bucket of calcium and a buffer solution ansd a few other odds and ends as well (small pipe fittings, hose, syringe, etc) Make offer.

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