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Water flow / powerhead options


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I have a 75gal with only a few zoanthids, other polyps, some softies, and a couple of fish, with ambitions to someday have a gorgeous lush reef. Water exchange is fine with the main tank being fed by a Mag 9.5 in a 20gal sump. I have a 140gph powerhead in the display tank right now to simply keep things moving while I figure out a more permanent solution. I know I need more water flowing in the tank, and would appreciate opinions on how to best achieve this. While a wavemaker would be preferred, it’s not in the budget for a while, at least with the prices I've seen.

I originally thought about a Koralia #2 (600gph) and #3 (850gph) combo (or just 2 Koralia #2's), but that seems like a bit much, as I don’t want to blow everything away. Plus, we’d like to minimize the viewing of large powerheads in the display. That said, I’m now thinking of getting 4 or 5 Koralia Nanos (240gph), which are super tiny, to create current in more locations throughout while minimizing dead spots. Of course, I'd pick up a couple at a time to spread the cost out.

Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. I'd also consider any used gear to accommodate a solution, if anyone has something that would work.

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If you plan to use koralia then later hook them up to a wave maker they will chatter everytime they come on. They may also spin backwards. How do I know? I had 4 koralia 4's hooked up to a wave maker. I tried moding the K-4's but eventually gave up and bought a Tunze Nano Wave Box. I still use my k-4's for additional flow. Just thought you might want to know before purchasing the koralia's.


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Heres a flow diagram that you can use as a guide. i have a 42g and i use 2 korilia 3s and a rio 1100 for flow


could you make it bigger!!

i got a 75 gal and i dont understand how u use 2 k3s cuase i jsut bought some today and they seem to be way too powerufl

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it wont go bigger =\ thats the size that i have.. ill re produce it tomorrow in draft pro and photoshop. and make a new one. if i make it bigger it get very blurry..

I have a stretch Hex so mine was kinda easy. i point 2 korilias towards the front hex glass on eaither side and i get good flow. they are powerfull so i also have them at the top of the tank pointing up just a bit to aireate the water too. so some hits the glass and some hits the water to make good current and aireates then because of my rock i have so much and its so tall i have my return from my sump pointed down the back glass with the squair nosel on it the spreads the water over the back behind the rocks. it works very well for me.. but ill try tomorrow and post it..


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The hard thing about a mixed reef is SPS like lots of flow and softies not so much. Many SPS tanks have 40x turnover or more. In a 75 that would be 3000 gph. So I think the 2 larger Koralias would be the way to go if you want to start keeping SPS. I have hidden my powerheads in my rock so they are not such an eyesore.

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