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Some of my spiders


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WOW!!!! Gorgeous...... didn't know they come in such beautiful colors. So, they come from India...... Do you have to purchase anything special for its diet? And how can you tell a male from female? By the way, I can imagine it was expensive, right?


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Oh why, oh why did I click this link??? :|

Nice colors, but still gives me the creeps! In the years I worked at a pet store, I could never pick up the spiders. When people bough them I either had them pick them up or corralled them into a box.

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Well, I breed Blaptica dubai roaches for them to eat. I am an avid breeder of tarantula, and my gooties will be bred as well. to anyone interested, I breed tarantulas, and would be willing to trade babies for coral, or some species I can just give away. And yes, P. metallica is very expensive. I will update with more pictures from my collection later

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I tried putting it in the format that the gallery image shows them at, but no success.

Oh well, I give up

I do not know exactly what you mean.

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