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Spring Break Tank Emergency


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So I left my sister in charge of my tank for the week while I was skiing

Before I left, I checked all my water parameters, and they were all level and fine.

I left her instructions to feed one cube of frozen shrimp a day, thawed out, and scrub the glass if it got dirty. Anything happens, call me.

I just got home, and my tank is covered in algae, and after cleaning the glass found:

My tomatoe clown is extremley dark, and swimming redunently into my anenome,

My yellow tail damsel is extremley pale, and swimming into rocks and glass,

my spotted hawkfish is afraid to come out of the rocks,

and my fairly large spotted goby is nowhere to be found.

I then checked the freezer, and found that only two cubes were gone. I fed on saturday when i left, so she fed twice

What happened to my tank?

What do i do?


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See if any of them are eating. Check your parameters, hold off sticking your hands in there cleaning off algae from the sides of the tank. Just make sure you have a clear view at some angle to see if they're eating, or doing something they shouldn't.

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Did you get a chance to test the parameters? Were they normal?

You might ask your sister what she did or didn't do. This might be hard, but try to remain calm when talking to her and nonaccusing. If something happened she will be more open to giving you details.

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Definitely do a LARGE water change. Also, I wouldn't wait 'til tomorrow to check your parameters as it could be to late. If you don't have test kits then most of the LFS in Austin will usually check your parameters free of charge. I agree with Fish, I would find a new sister. ;)

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