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Opinions on current bioload?


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Hey, there!

I bounced this off of MAAST and was hoping the locals would give their thoughts, too. I'm looking for some input regarding the current bioload on my tank. I think I'm approaching my fish limit, but I'd like some of the wiser heads to chime in. Trying to exercise some discretion, here, and leave myself a bit of wiggle room rather than peg the needle regarding the number of fish in the tank...

Tank specs:

140-gal (60x30x18)

~150 lbs of live rock

RS 135 skimmer

30-gal sump (runs with 10-15 gals)

Mag9 return

Two Koralia 4s

One Koralia 2s

Sequence Dart driving a closed loop through two SCWDs

Fish stock:

Yellow tang (1)

Blue jaw trigger (1)

Coral beauty (1)

Royal gramma (1)

Lawnmower blenny (1)

Chromis (3)

Onyx perculas (2)

Mandarin (1)

Note: None of my gear has any mods. All are out-of-the-box.

Thanks much!


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I am not sure I qualify as a 'wiser head'. However, IMHO unless the fish you mentioned are exceptionally large, I would think that was a very light bioload for a 140 gal tank even without a sump, etc.

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Well, the tang and trigger count more. How big are they? I'd say you could add 1 or maybe 2 more fish, depending on size.


Saw the sizes on MAAST. You could probably add a few more small ones. Your tank is only 5ft long so I think that will limit

you somewhat. The front to back depth is nice though!

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I would agree you have a little wiggle room. Though the Trigger and Tang are big and big poopers so they eat up some fish real estate. I would think a bigger skimmer would help since you are a little undersized right now.

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