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Metal Halide bulbs


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Hey guys... I had recently posted that I was looking for a reflective surface to go to retro metal halides. I thought I had everything but the order that I submitted for my bulbs got voided by the vendor and I was not notified. I found out by calling them and asking about a tracking since it's been two weeks. Long story short, they are out... Well, just wondering if any of you may have some in an attic or garage when y'all went to LEDs. I am looking for 250W 12K for a mogul base. Let me know what you want if you have one..... thanks I have to try and keep this forum active. 😉

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I've checked all the LFS that I know of. None carry them any more. I just ordered one that I found on-line and now I think I am going to get another email saying that they no longer have those either. They were removed from the website after I placed an order. I hope they have it to ship...

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On 9/17/2022 at 8:24 AM, Timfish said:

Sorry, I don't have any. :(  All I've got still laying around is 250 watt DE.   But I've got the fixture and ballast to go with a DE if you're interested.

I am interested. I did find a few of the DE bulbs. Let me know how much you'd like and when we can meet up. Thank you timfish.

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