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Beautiful bubble tips at Aquarium Designs

Sierra Bravo

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2 minutes ago, Woods said:

We have as good if not better Rainbow nems locally here in Austin and cheaper....   Ozarka has some original Pham Rainbows for $45.  You can't beat that quality for that price!  

Out of curiosity, is o0zarkawater paying you a commission or flat fee for marketing his goods? 😋   He could have used your help when he was trying forever to move his Kessils. 😀

Without a doubt I would say you absolutely have a much better chance finding a nem in Austin than San Antonio, which is what made seeing those two kinda special.   Since our MAAST forum in San Antonio is all but defunct several people down here participate in/lurk ARC instead.  If you aren't posting on Facebook there is no where else to go.


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Nah, I don't pay out commissions. In fact he owes me money for awakening me and bringing me to this thread.

Those do look very similar to the Pham rainbows. Mine aren't that color currently since I've been using Ocean Revive LED + MH combo. They really preferred just MH in my system and lost a lot of the yellow/orange. The red/green is still in them for sure. 

Hopefully if I can get these stupid radions to attach to the WXM, I'll get that running and see how they color up in the next few months. Won't be $45 at that point for sure.


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I have the same Pham/Chris rainbows, but my whites are on too high to bring out the bright colors. The radions can be “too blue” in my opinion and I don’t like that. I like the more real, natural look, so my rainbows have kinda paid the price. I started with 2 in the upgrade now I have 5. Lol. Was told they’re so hard to get bc they’re part of the Indonesian trade that’s currently cut off. Not sure of the validity of that, but someone told me that



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