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  1. I'm having the worst luck getting healthy copperbands. Trying everything - live blackworms, clams, no go. So I'm reaching out to see if anyone has one that would be willing to sell to me. Name your price! Drop me a message!
  2. I think I got the same tank! 96 x 30 x 24 Planet from RCA. I ended up scrapping the Tideline overflow and replacing with an Exotic Marine.
  3. Long shot I know. Looking for 1 or 2 of them.
  4. Looked everywhere, nowhere local. Figured it was worth a shot on ARC.
  5. caravanshaka does I believe.
  6. I owned a Biocube years ago and ended up swapping out the stock lights with a set from Nanobox. I think it was called the Retro (?). I haven't read this whole thread so apologies if this option was already mentioned.
  7. I've had him for about a year. No issues. No aggression, healthy eater. I am just lowering my bioload and pulling a couple fish. I'm located in SW Austin. $30. I'll also consider a trade if you have a sleeper goby.
  8. Anyone selling any torches? Post some pics!
  9. I appreciate it! I actually have two new po4 kits here. Both read 1.2. I’m slowly bringing it down now. Would phosphate reading that high cause rtn in acros?
  10. Same page. I ordered a Salifert test. 1.2ppm. Went back to my old Hanna. 0.015 ppm.
  11. I was at Ty’s house a couple days ago. If he told me his secret to his ridiculous tank was throwing dirty gym socks into it, I’d be at the gym getting a membership right now
  12. ICP results arrived. Everything green except this. 1.2 mg/l phosphate. And this is after quite a substantial amount of water changes. I’ve been testing po4 with a Hanna and never got a single reading over 0.03. Bad reagent. Im thinking maybe my new rock on the right has been leeching phosphate. I’ve never in my life seen phosphate this high before and I am assuming it could cause some death.
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