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Dshel's Red Sea 650 Peninsula Build


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Pace yourself its going to be a slow build.

I realized after setting up my 3rd tank is I don't like building tanks. The drilling overflows, building a sump, the plumbing( I hate plumbing) are more of a chore for me to get the good stuff. Aquascaping, corals, fish, playing with setting is the part I enjoy the most. Therefore plug and play system seems the way to go.

TankRed Sea Penunsula 650 (140g)- ordered 10/6 (my birthday :) ) arrived 10/17 shipped from Houston


Jeboa dc return pump

Maxijet xf280

2 Jebao RW15 (will replace with MP 40s when I upgrade)



3x  Radion Gen 3Pro

4x  54w T5

Refugium Light Kessil H380


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  • 2 weeks later...

Stand completed and tank on top. Still setting up some of the equipment as time allows and the stand lights are order and the tank lights. I hope to have the sand and dry rock in next week and have the last of the equipment installed


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made a lot of progress over the last month. The tank is running and been cycling since 11/10. Below is my cycling schedule sort of....

  1. Add dr tims one and only 11/10
  2. Turn on refugium 8hrs
  3. Algae barn clean cheato
  4. Pods and half to display half refugium
  5. Add 1 to 2 fish 11/30
  6. Frozen fish food and auto feeder lowest setting 1 per day
  7. Leave alone for 1 month ends on 12/10
  8. Add coralline (maybe)
  9. Leave alone 1 month
Some of the issues Ive run into
1) Lost a o ring to the skimmer so it has not been running at all, hopefull get it in this week.
2) the stock return on the red sea tank sucks so I had to replace that with a loc line one
3) Still have a lot of flow adjustments to make prior to coral ready
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