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Apex to Jebao module help

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Just FYI im new to Apex so sorry if I ask dumb questions. I hooked up my jebao module and the green status light comes on but there is nothing on the apex dashboard or fusion. Am missing something. Im using the stock 3a power supply to power the pumps. FYI i tried only hooking up one to see if that helps. Any info would be great there is little on the web on how it hooks up. will add a pic soon


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I control the Gyre the same way on my Apex.  The default names for my 0-10v control outlets are VarSpd1_I1, VarSpd2_I2, etc.

In Isaacs example he is setting up one of his 0-10v outlets and the things like PumpCtlLo are profiles.  So first set you setup the profiles, then set up the 0-10v outlet you want to control.

Here's the code from some of my profiles:



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ah, good call!

PumpCtlUp: type ramp 15min start 60 end 100

PumpCtlDwn: type ramp 15min start 100 end 60

PumpCtlLo: type ramp 1m start 60 end 60

PumpCtlHi: typeramp 1m start 100 end 100

this is my main return pump, not so much my wavemakers.  wave configs are a bit more complex and depend on your tank size for optimal wave.  I can share mine if thats what you are looking for (i assumed return pump, sorry)

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