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Coral frags

Gig 'em @ NDstructible

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The frag rack is getting pretty full, so time to make room for more!


Joe the coral - $20



GE's Key Lime Breeze - $20



Misc teal acro - $20



Acro sarmentosa - $15



Golden Eye Leptastrea - $20



Superman monti - $10



Sunset Mille - $50



Picture of the whole frag rack if there's anything else that catches your eye, let me know.


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I have two sunset montiporas that are doing well and some kind of green acro that has held on through all the others getting RTN.  It's showing small polyps at the bottom and what look like new branch nubs starting to come out of it's encrusted base.  One of the sunset montis I thought had died all the way but after fixing the alk problem, I noticed that weeks later what I thought was coraline algae was actually the red monti color encrusting the old skeleton again.  There are blue polyps coming out of it now and it's slowly creeping back over the white skeleton that I thought was completely dead.

The alk is sitting around 11dKH.

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